One of todays most popular daily games has become Wordle. I am not going to go into the history of the game becuase frankly, I don't know it. I know it's addictive, and it can be found here.

Finding the Best Words

Every day we must guess what the secret word is using our vocubulary and logic. After asking a few people how they begin the game, it splits between choosing a random word, or the same word every time. I was in the latter group for a while. Until I decided to use my coding skills to improve my scores.

I wrote a 50 line Javascript program that analyzes a dictionary of common 5 letter words. The program finds the most common letters used and determines which words are made up of the most frequent letters. After applying a simple scoring system to each word, I found what I determine to be the best and easiest to remember set of words:






If you are interested in seeing the code, it's open source and you can find it on Github.

Have fun guessing!

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