To gain more experience making 3D games, I decided to combine my love of space travel, flight simulation, and natural terrain generation to make an exploration game.

I do not have an overarching plot yet. I am more building out the main engine of the game as a proof of concept. I have found that decent looking infinite terrain generation on the fly is not easy to achieve.

The next steps are to:

  • Create more realistic space bodies which the player to travel to and from. I hope to generate solar systems to which the player can jump.
  • Improve flight, in and outside the atmosphere. I will have to study how flight simulators implement controls and physics. As far as spaceflight, I want planet entry to be more realistic including orbital insertion and gravitational pulls.
  • Improve terrain generation. Right now, things are very simplistic and noisy. I hope to make better use of Simplex noise to design worlds with multiple biomes and terrain features.
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