Welcome to my new blog.

It has been quite a long time since updating the look and technology which powers the blog.

In the past I had used the Metalsmith site generator. This was a great tool. Really easy to setup and add plugins to, etc.

For the past couple years I have been developing with create-react-app as my starter. And wow... it has grown and matured. I can remember the v1 version of CRA. Almost as soon as I started my project I wanted to eject and do my own thing. But now, I do as much as I can to prevent myself the need to eject.

With this blog, I feel I have pushed some limits! The blog is entirely created with the modern stack CRA gives us. But, I wanted mulitple static pages for SEO reasons. Not just a single page PWA. So using some clever tricks I was able to parse and transform my old blog posts written in Markdown to statically generated SEO friendly routes.

You can view my project setup in Github.

Outside of my blog itself, I have been staying busy.

I moved my family to Transylvania. We are doing some good here and having quite the adventure. Learn more about that here.

We have been teaching English, programming, music, art, and loads more.

My goal is to introduce the kids to what is possible with computers, so they can use them to find joy in learning something new.

I apologize for the long time in between posts. I will try to write more in the coming months.

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