Lots of progress to share!

New features include:

  • Camera is now first person
  • Player can shoot creatures with a rifle
  • Creatures drop items
  • Player has item bag
  • Better terrain generation
  • Added trade system with nomads
  • Added simple watermelons which grow near water
  • Added snakes that chase the player if too close
  • Added better fire particle animation
  • Added birds in the sky
  • Added basic night/day system

The game is almost feature complete. As in, I will have all the features needed to create the storyline. The one big elephant in the room is better 3D models. I really need to spend the time to learn to build decent human nomads. Cleaning up the creature models and their animations would be good as well. I am grateful to the creators that have open-sourced all the 3D models I have already used. It has allowed me to iterate quickly and stay productive.

This next phase of development will be more towards making survival more realistic. The player will have to deal with the temperature and hostilities of the desert, all while navigating towards a sacred place only known to the local nomadic tribes.

What adventures await the player, we do not yet know.

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