My wife and I have always wanted to collaborate on a video game project. We have started a few times, but never actually released anything. About a month ago I saw that there was a popular game jam starting soon and decided this would be the way to do it right. By giving ourselves a deadline, we were much more likely to succeed.

Research Phase

When the GameJam started (February 20th) we dove into design mode. The theme this year was "It is NOT real". We immediately wrote down as many words as we could think of that fit the theme. After filling 3 pages of words, we filtered out our favorite words and started to think of potential game mechanics that would fit the words. We eventually landed on the subject of "dreams" and decided that the player should have to play through a series of dreams and nightmares.

Then to spice things up, we decided to go with a French art/music theme.


Since I am most comfortable in Godot, I was the one doing all the prototyping and development. My wife was working/streaming the art creation alongside me. I used basic shapes to create the scene and coded up the game logic. My wife created all the sprite sheets, backgrounds, objects, etc. I would throw them into the editor and link them into the prototype. Each day we tried to finish one minigame. And the last day we focused on clean up and music/audio. I had always wanted to record my sound effects. I quickly realized with a decent mic and Audacity, making quick small sound effects is super simple!


We had a bunch of fun making this game together and hope you enjoy playing it!

Project Page

The embedded game will load below...

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